Robotics Business Profile

Since the start of Yamaha’s intelligent machinery operations in 1981, leveraging assembly technology developed in-house to meet group manufacturing needs, the Company has delivered extremely compact, efficient, and advanced solutions for industrial process automation. Today’s robotics business units – the Surface Mount Technology Section and Factory Automation Section – drive the mission forward with SMT equipment and robot technology that is space-saving, richly featured, and designed to maximise productivity.

Yamaha SMT Section began making pick and place machines for surface mounting electronic parts and has extended the portfolio to create the Yamaha Total Line Solution that handles all inline SMT processes: stencil printer, mounters, solder-paste inspection (SPI) and automatic optical inspection (AOI) systems, and hybrid flip-chip mounters for semiconductor manufacturing. Their unified software platform has delivered a unique edge to productivity and is now perfectly suited to the demands of Industry 4.0 manufacturing and teamed with unique software applications to maximise productivity.

The Yamaha FA Section robot portfolio is the result of technical leadership and attention to detail over an extended period, building on established competencies in motion control and machine vision systems that make Yamaha industrial robots extremely user-friendly, scalable, and packed with design innovations such as durable and clean beltless drives, specially developed vision instructions that simplify robot programming, and optional capabilities such as high-speed component tracking. Meeting today’s demands for greater automation of diverse assembly tasks, the advanced robot technology is deployed in numerous manufacturing scenarios worldwide including consumer products, automotive subsystems, audio equipment, aerospace and communication equipment industries, general mechanical assembly, food handling, packaging, and logistics.

In addition to delivering advanced equipment that is space-efficient, easy to use, fast to deploy, and supremely reliable, both divisions support customers and equipment in the field with extensive technical resources including equipment commissioning and operator training, maintenance packages, and solution engineering services to help overcome individual challenges where needed.